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Bom – Exclusive Pre-Release Tracks

Bom--Temporary Album Cover colors

1.  Smile (Dynon)

Frustration is hard to hide.  Hate myself and all my lies.

The devils got me by my balls.  Too easy to break down my walls.

I need to know that I’m worthwhile.  But most of all I need your smile.

What would it take to make you smile.  I need your breath I need your smile.

Chase away my fears and smile.  Smile with you.

I’m a prisoner in my own mind.  Waiting for a sign.


2.  T.Grey Corporation  ( D’Monte/Bombig)

You’ve got grey on your body and grey in your mind.  You’ve got red on your hands you left your conscience behind.

Ain’t no turning back you made the mindless choice.  Forget about life and all of its worth.

You know I would never sell my soul for things that don’t matter.

Why can’t we live together, I’m reaching out to the world.

You can smell the riches your morals are thin.  No regards for cultures or lives within.  You scratched and you crawled for all the power you gained.

And couldn’t care less for all the lives that you’ve maimed.

Make time for future generations.


3.  Victim (D’Monte)

You’re a victim and you’re angry.  And the worlds not so beautiful to you.  Not as wonderful, what you gonna do.

You’re a time bomb going nowhere.  And the world’s not so comfortable to see.  Not as enjoyable as you’d like it to be.

Young soul, understand you hold the pieces in your hand.  I don’t expect you to be young soul.  Take a stand.

Value your life young soul.

You’re a sinner.  You can forgive yourself.  But your pain is so undeniable.  Oh but why.  And you’re accountable every time that you cry.

Young soul if you can.  It hasn’t turned out like you planned.  Did you expect it to be.  Young Soul take a stand.

Value your life young soul.  Such a bitter sweet life young soul.


The Bom CD Cover(crop)


1.Club 19 (Bombig)

I know that you’re lying.  And I feel that you’re hiding.  Cause I’ve been there before and I know that you know.  Ah Yeah.

I know we’re all dying.  But you’ll see me aspiring.  ‘Cause I’ve been there before and I know that you know.  Yes I’ve been there before and I know it could happen to me.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed we walk the same path and we come to the hard and real conclusion that you are what you are–and you must feed your soul.

Gotta feed your soul.

White doves keep you flying.  But they’ll always leave you crying.


2.  Grey (Bombig)

Black is reality.  Darker is the lie.  Brings on a cynicism burns and then you die.  And so the reason why this world begins to fray.  Cause all indifferences fade to grey.

I am.  I breathe.  I’m just a reflection in grey.

Don’t ask the question just de-socialize.  Employ this answer and you’ll never compromise.

No choice to listen.  Make a judgement or just pray.

Black words with white emotions.  Fade into a grey.

I am.  I breathe.  I’m just a reflection in grey.


3.  Personal Religion (Bombig)

The signs are right in front of you.   There are no reasons there are no clues.  The signs are right in front of you.  Open your eyes.  Don’t be afraid.
Don’t go pushing down on me.   You got the problem.   Can’t you see.   Don’t go pushing down on me.   Don’t take it out on me.  It’s you, you see.

Cause I’ve got my own personal religion.  Yeah I’ve got my own personal religion.   And it doesn’t include you, telling me what to do. I’ve got my own personal religion.

And still we play these games.   Like nothing is broken always the same.   And still we play these games.  Some things aren’t ready to change some people will never see.


4.  Beautiful (D’Monte)

You found the door within and walked on through like you were right at home.  A vision so divine.  No place on earth where you could be alone.

And you look so happy above a crowd of faces.  Making prisoners of we, me and you my friend now.  And when she weeps so softly with eyes that cut like paper.  Even a blind man would agree.

That you’re so beautiful and I don’t care if you don’t notice me cause I’m here watching you.  So very beautiful and you have changed my life for a minute.  And I don’t always want to be loving you.

So go to sleep girl for a while.  Can you give us that smile.  Won’t you let me worship you.   For your both elegance and style.  Can you stay a little while.  If you’ve got nothing else to do.


5.  Butcher Boy (D’Monte)

Brother can you help me.  Can you fight it.  I know it’s got a name.  Harder to ignore it, always empty and equally in vain.  You don’t have a moral obligation when all is said and done.  It’s just like a war in your soul and I see they have won.  Butcher boy you’ve got no place to run.  Come out and face the world come see what you’ve done.  See what you’ve done.

You’re always fixing to destroy.  But you have been misunderstood.  Beware that suffering in silence won’t do you any good.  But your mother can not come down, I know you wish she could.  But answer me this.  If love equals bliss, the pain you deny will soon destroy you.

Butcher boy, you’ve got no place to run.  Come out and face the world, come see what you’ve……

All my patience is only.  Could be much better don’t throw away.  Though good intentions could be possible, you could never be  just who you are.  You could not accept just who you are.


6.  Machine Man (D’Monte/Bombig)

These machine men are putting your lives in danger.  They’re proud to see you broken.  Broken right down.  You serve your purpose now they’re looking at you like a stranger.  They’re spilling your blood now.  Down on the ground.

I don’t want to be machine man.

It’s their creation and it’s gonna be the vision of the future.  They signing your name now.  Cause you set them free.

And you’re frustrated cause they’re looking at you like a saviour.  ‘Cause you think that you’re a god now.  Got a different seed.


7.  Inner Soul (Bombig)

I thought about you.   For so long.   Can’t live without you. Something is wrong.   I think of days gone by that we shared I think I care.

Don’t want to lose you.  I can’t withstand. All this time alone churning up my head.   Don’t want no restless night.  No all alone. I just want you instead.

Cause everybody, needs someone there.  To fill your body, with love and care.  And if you’re lonely and in despair.  Look deep inside you, someone is there.

Still feeling lonely.  Not next to you.  I got to make some changes.  Coming after you.

Be there tomorrow.  Make it today. Cause I’ve lived enough, can’t wait no more, got to have you now.  I know we could.  I feel we should.  Give it all somehow.


8.  Merchant Of Gold (Bombig/D’Monte/Murphy)

But a dream is only a dream.  A hidden virtue.  And why I don’t understand.  But I know that I’ve hurt you.  And we trade our lives for nothing why, no more.  And the secrets we hide surrounded by lives.  I will not hesitate.  For my path is much too great, journey is old.  I will illuminate.  These hands that are cold, I come to you now.  My merchant of gold.

The appeal has begun for the innocent one judged by his name.  And if justice is grand you’d be freed by the hand.  No power no shame.  Will you be my guide.  Will you fight by my side my mentor.  These hands that are cold, I come to you now.  My merchant of Gold.  Hands that are cold.

Can you raise this tide.  Are you willing to die.  My Merchant Of Gold.

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