BOM - Paul Bombig



  • Label:
  • Release: 30 Apr, 2017
  • Catalog No: 02-735364
  • (Dynon)


    • Lyrics

      Frustration is hard to hide. Hate myself and all my lies.

      The devils got me by my balls. To easy to break down my walls.

      I need to know that I’m worthwhile. But most of all I need your smile.

      What would it take to make you smile. I need your breath I need your smile.

      Chase away my fears and smile. Smile with you.

      I’m a prisoner in my own mind. Waiting for a sign.

  • (D’Monte/Bombig)

    T.Grey Corporation

    • Lyrics

      You’ve got grey on your body and grey in your mind. You’ve got red on your hands you left your conscience behind.

      Aint no turning back you made the mindless choice. Forget about life and all of its worth.

      You know I would never sell my soul for things that don’t matter.

      Why can’t we live together, I’m reaching out to the world.

      You can smell the riches your morales are thin. No regards for cultures or lives within. You scratched and you crawled for all the power you gained.

      And couldn’t care less for all the lives that you’ve maimed.

      Make time for future generations.

  • (D’Monte)


    • Lyrics

      Your a victim and your angry. And the worlds not so beautiful to you. Not as wonderful, what you gonna do.

      Your a time bomb going nowhere. And the worlds not so comfortable to see. Not as enjoyable as you’d like it to be.

      Young soul understand you hold the pieces in your hand. I don’t expect you to be young soul. Take a stand.

      Value your life young soul.

      Your a sinner. You can forgive yourself. But your pain is so undeniable. Oh but why. And your accountable every time that you cry.

      Young soul if you can. It hasn’t turned out like you planned. Did you expect it to be. Young Soul take a stand.

      Value your life young soul. Such a bitter sweet life young soul.